Welcome to Forest Hill Soccer!

Weather Notice- Saturday, October 3, 2015

All rec. games scheduled on Forest Hill fields are cancelled.

Program Description

The purpose of the Forest Hill Recreation Soccer program is to provide a learning environment for children to develop their soccer skills with the goal of creating a positive experience for each child. We have partnered with the Harford Football Club (HFC), a club program in our area, to provide support to our coaches. Coaches from HFC along with some of their players will be working alongside the clinic coaches to provide guidance in how to run practices and in developing the skills of our program's participants. HFC will also conduct periodic coaching clinics for all coaches in our program.

The program is available for children from ages 4-15 and is divided into the following groups:

Four and Five Year-Olds

Four and five year-old children will practice once per week on Saturdays from 11AM to 12:15PM. The four year-olds will be separated from the five year-olds. Teams will be co-ed and will be comprised of between 5-8 players. Most of the sessions will consist of basic training with the goal of having the kids get comfortable with the soccer ball. When the players participate in game-like settings, we will use a 3v3 format with no goalie.  

Under 8 Age Group 

The Under 8 age group is designed for six and seven year-olds (based on the child's age on July 31st).  Practices will be once per week on Saturdays from 9AM to 10:30AM. Teams will be co-ed and will be comprised of between 8-10 players. Most of the sessions will consist of  running drills with a focus on developing fundamental skills. When the players participate in game-like settings, we will use a 5v5 format with no goalie.  

Under 9 through Under 16 Age Group

These age groups will begin practices on or around August 1st. Practices before the season begins will be held twice per week (once during the weekday as determined by the coach and once on Saturdays). When the season begins, practices will be held once per week during the weekdays and players will have a game on Saturdays. We participate in the Northern Region Soccer League, which consists of teams from neighboring rec. councils. You should register your child in the age group based on his/her age on July 31st (e.g. if your child is 10 on July 31, 2015, his/her designated age group would be Under 11).

Under 20 Age Group

This year, we have added an Under 20 age group. This will be a co-ed pick-up league. Each week, players who attend will be divided up among teams and participate in a pick-up game. We will have referees for all games and an adult moderator will be present.